About Kedah.com

Kedah.com site content is administered by I Love KD Sdn. Bhd., a local Kedah-based advertising & marketing company that was established on 4 July 2014. Our mission is to create a platform for tour operators and tourism-related entrepreneurs to promote their products and services primarily in mainland Kedah. However, we may also cover Langkawi island which is already well-known to international tourists. At the same time, we provide necessary information to tourists for planning cost effective and meaningful trips. Moreover, we also wish to promote local Kedah artists and their artworks to all the visitors via this platform.
Some of the information are provided and supported by Central Kedah Tourism and Art Development Association (Pertubuhan Pembangunan Pelancongan Dan Kesenian Kedah Tengah, Facebook: facebook.com/kedahtourism) and local volunteers, photographers, or bloggers.

About I Love KD Logo
®I Love KD logo (stylized I ❤ KD), which means “I Love Kedah”, is a registered trademark of I Love KD Sdn Bhd. The trademark has been registered on 31 July 2014. It is our marketing campaign to promote Kedah State, in the form of souvenirs, gifts, toys, etc. The logo consists of the capital letter I, followed by a red heart symbol (❤), below which are the capital letters K and D. The 13 paddy seeds in the letter I symbolizes 13 states which form the Malaysia federation. The entire paddy bunch symbolizes Kedah state as being the biggest rice producer in Malaysia.