About Kedah.com

Kedah.com is primarily (but not limited to) an online Kedah local business directory, or so called online yellow pages. We aim to help people find Kedah businesses, companies, service providers, etc. and even individuals who work home-based or ecommerce that has no physical address (future phase).

Our goal is to link all local Kedah businesses together in a big network amid the covid 19 pandemic that keeps many of us apart from each other. By having accurate and up-to-date business listing on a trusted site, your businesses will have better exposure and therefore more potential customers can reach out to you. To achieve this, we need quality and genuine listings. You could give us a hand by listing your business now and then invited other quality Kedah business owners to submit their listings at kedah.com.

Apart from this, if you haven’t already done so, we also strongly recommend you to list your business at Google My Business. Do make your business listing name, address and phone number and other contact information all same and accurate across all the sites.