BERLYN Sausage Haus & Cafe, Sungai Petani

Sausage Platter for 2-3 Pax

The main highlights at Berlyn Sausage Haus & Cafe at Riverfront Sungai Petani here are good quality German style sausages except that they are pork free and some halal certificates are posted at the entrance. The food dishes look presentable and were delicious. One of the bosses said the sausages used are of high quality … Read more

黄记港式点心 (Restoran SP Huang Ji)

黄记港式点心 (Restoran SP Huang Ji) 位于 双溪大年 Taman Petani Jaya Lorong 6 路口角头间。除了黄记自做的新鲜点心外,还有金龙酒家搬迁过来的几个摊位, 例如: SP 强云吞面,鸡饭,Apong 等都是版主经常光顾的。 这里有室内和室外桌椅。由于点心种类繁多和加上各式各样的摊位,蛮适合·一家大小成员三代一起用餐。 Address: 47, Lorong 6, Taman Petani Jaya, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah.Tel: +601139910283Business hour: 6:30am – 2pm (Monday some stalls are not open)

Tsin Dynasty Bar 秦庄, Indoor & Outdoor Bar, Penang

Nice ambience with clever matching lightings coupled with heritage walls together bring a great emotional “feel” for enhancing drinking mood. Tsin Dynasty Bar 秦庄, Indoor & Outdoor Bar Penang serves drafted beers from Guinness / Heineken group and snacks (fries, nuggets, sausage, etc) are available. You can also order food from neighbor restaurants e.g. strong … Read more