What business can I add to Kedah.com listing directory?

A Kedah state (of Malaysia country) business that has a physical premise address in Kedah, or a Kedah business who serves customers on-site in areas of Kedah state of Malaysia (e.g. plumber, painter, etc) can submit a listing on this Site. Any business listing with premise located outside Kedah state and / or do not provide on-site services to Kedah locations will be rejected. 
A business doesn’t necessarily need to be a registered company with SSM. As long as you are Kedah resident and provide products or services to Kedah areas, you can submit a listing. Examples: plumber, graphic designer, photographer, painter, grass cutting service provider, homemade food for takeaway or delivery, online Shopee individual merchant, online yoga teacher, etc.

Can I suggest by adding a listing for a business or place I do not own?

Yes you can suggest by adding a listing provided that the listing is a valid business or place with accurate information entered (address, gps, etc). The listing may be subject to approval. Please select the Free Plan for your submission. Once submit you may still edit the listing as a user / contributor. Besides that, you should not claim the listing as if you own the listing/ place. By submitting a listing you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of this website.

I have a service area but I am home based or my business does not have a shop location (e.g. plumber, painter). I provide services to a city in Kedah and surrounding. I do not want to display my address in the listing. Can I add a listing?

Yes you can. When filling up the online form, in address street name text box, please just type city name instead of street number or “Home based”. Then, in city text box enter the same city name again. Then, in the map you can move and place the marker on the map to a nearby area or city center.

My business is niche and I can’t find any suitable category in the category list. What can I do?

Please select “Local Business” category and then in the Tags field, add relevant tags that fits your business. After that, please email us and suggest your category. We will then review and add a suitable category for your listing.

What are the payment options for the paid listing plan?

We support Stripe Secured Payment Gateway by VISA and MASTER cards. If you prefer direct bank transfer please kindly contact us for manual processing.

How do I know if this directory can help my business?

Please try our free plan with no obligation. Business listing directory is one of the ways to help increase your business visibility. In addition to that, there are many more efforts you could do to improve your online search ranking. For example, you could encourage your customers to rate or write a review for your listing.

Is my subscription plan automatically renewed?

For paid plans, yes. Your subscription plan will renew automatically unless you cancel the plan with us. To cancel the automatic renewal of your plan and avoid future non-desired payments please you must cancel your subscription from your user’s Account page. To manage or view your subscriptions:
1. Log in with your user account
2. Go to Account (at footer menu on desktop or at top Menu on mobile phone) – > Subscriptions -> Click on subscription # link

Where can I view my invoices or subscriptions?

1. Log in with your user account
2. Go to Account (at footer menu on desktop or at top Menu on mobile phone)
3. Click on Invoices or Subscriptions

Where can I edit the listings that I own or manage?

1. Go to Login (at footer menu on desktop or at Menu on mobile phone)
2. Log in with your user account
3. After logged in, find your listing and click on listing detail.
4. Click the Edit button under the rating link
5. You may also find your listings in your user Profile. After step 2 go to Profile (at footer menu on desktop or at Top Menu on mobile phone)