How to Submit Kedah Business Listing?

Note: The business listing submission is only for business entities or places located in Kedah state of Malaysia. Your listing will be deleted without notice if it’s outside Kedah, Malaysia. Kindly refer to our Terms and Conditions

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Steps by Steps to Submit a Kedah Business Listing

  1. For New User, Register a Username First

    Go to Select the plan that you want.
    Fill in your personal information (the person who will create and maintain listings for the businesses). One account login can be used to create multiple business listings.
    *Note: For Username field, don’t put any space character in your username because you will use the username and password to log in later.

  2. Submit Registration

    Click I am not a robot check box then click CREATE ACCOUNT

  3. Activation email link

    Activation link has been sent to your email

  4. Check email and click the activation link

  5. Account activated

    Account activated. Log in to continue

  6. Select a listing plan

    Go to Select the plan that you want.Select Listing Plan

  7. Enter Listing Details

    If you are business owner for this listing (for paid listing only), please tick on the “Are You Business Owner/ Associate?”
    Key in Place Title (Business Title) and Descriptions. If you currently already have a Google My Business account or Facebook account, please make sure you key in exact name and spelling (including punctuation) as listed in Google My Business name. This is to ensure NAP (Name, Address and Phone) are consistent for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
    Enter Listing Details

  8. Select Category and Key in Tags.

    What is Tags? Tags is non-hierarchical way to sort content on your site to make it easier for visitors to find. Tags make site navigation easier and allow users to find similar content grouped together.

  9. Key in address, city and post code

    Key in address, city and post code. (Note: Again, if you have existing Google My Business account, please make sure you copy paste exact address, city and post code from your Google My Business listing into here, including punctuations, spaces, dash symbol, etc).
    The arrow sign on the right of address field is clicked only when you are now physically at a location where the listing does not have a postal address. Google map will use your current GPS location instead of keying in the address. You need to turn on your location (on mobile phone) to use this.
    Note: If your listing does not have a valid address (eg. Attractions), or you are home based and do not want to put your exact address on the map, then on the Address* field you may just key in a city name (eg. Sungai Petani) or a nearby landmark (e.g. Center Square), then fill in the city and post code.

  10. Set Address On Map

    Once done, Click Set Address On Map icon. Next, in the map you may click “+” sign to zoom in the map to verify that your address is correctly pointed on the map location.

  11. Correct Google Map pointer location

    If your location is not pinned correctly by Google Maps, you may move the map pointer to the correct location of the map. For mobile user, use two fingers to move the map pointer (different phone OS may have different ways to move it). For desktop user, just click and hold the map pointer to move to correct location.
    As you move the pointer, you will notice that the Address Latitude and Longitude will change accordingly.

  12. Address Latitude and Longitude

    For Address Latitude and Longitude, they are automatically filled in when 1) You clicked Set Address On Map (exact address is keyed in) and 2) You moved the map pointer in the map to manually set the location. Leave these unchanged if your location is correctly marked on the map already.
    (Advanced user) Alternatively, if you do not have exact postal address but you have the actual GPS coordinates, then you can key in the Latitude and Longitude info. After you overwrite and key in the Latitude and Longitude, Google Map may not reflect the changes. You may need to submit listing first to save it and then view back the map later.

  13. Upload Images

    Click to Select Files that you want to upload. You may upload your company logo and then photos.

  14. Key in company contact details

    Key in Phone, Email, Web, Facebook. For web url please make sure you enter full address including https:// or http://

  15. Select Business Hours for your business listing

  16. Review and Agree Terms & Conditions

    Tick Terms & Conditions after you have agreed and click Submit Listing

  17. Check Out and Make Payment

    For paid listing, you will be directed to a check out page for payment arrangement. For Free Trial Listing skip this step.

  18. Listing on Live Notification

    Post received message. Click to view the live listing. For Free Trial listing, your page will be reviewed by admin.

  19. View Live Listing

    The listing is on live. To edit the listing that you submitted or own, click the Edit button below the review rating stars. The Edit Button is only visible when you are logged in. If you do not see the edit button, please login and then refresh the listing again.