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Usop Mee Udang Laut Pulau Sayak

Mee Udang, Nasi Goreng, Nasi Set Bawal, etc.

Ah Khee Kuey Teow Soup S.P. 亚祺自制西刀鱼丸粿条汤

Located inside the 2nd Street Hociak Hawker Center in Jalan Dewa off Jalan Pengkalan, Sungai Petani. 8TV Hochak! Sungai Petani 2014 award recipient. Homemade fishballs.

Lollipop Ropitiam

8TV Hochak! 2014 award recipient, popular with its naturally fermented healthy breads. Delicious sandwiches varieties and serving house brewed expresso / latte coffee / cappuccino...

Kompleks Pasar Bisik Ikan Kuala Muda (Whispering Fish Market Complex)

Where buyers and sellers whisper to each other every morning till afternoon on a daily basis for fish auction.

Peruvai Steel & Trading Sdn Bhd

Peruvai Steel & Trading Sdn Bhd Membeli Besi Buruk, Plastik, Kotak, Kenderaan Lama Menjual Alat Ganti Kenderaan Weighing Service Rubbish Clearance Service

Respack Medicare Sdn Bhd | KF94 Face Mask Manufacturer

Respack Medicare Sdn Bhd Manufacturer for KF94 Face Mask, Kids Premium Mask, Surgical Mask.

Jeti Tanjung Dawai Jetty

Follow the Merbok River towards the sea and there you will find a seafood lover’s heaven awaiting. At the mouth of the river is Tanjung...

Kampung Nelayan (Fisherman Village),Tanjung Dawai

Kampung Nelayan in Tanjung Dawai is a hotspot for photography enthusiasts and painters, all eager to recreate the scene of a typical fishing village and...

Clean Pack Sdn Bhd

Clean Pack Sdn Bhd – Packaging Company EVA Foam, PE Foam, PU Foam, Wooden Crate, Dust Bag, Paper Pulp, Plastic Pallet, Plastic Bag / Sheet,...

Corporate Hero Century – T-shirt and Premium Gifts Printing Services

Corporate Hero Century Sdn Bhd specializes in Custom T-shirt and Premium Gifts Printing Services, Silkscreen, Heatpress, Sublimation, Embroidery