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Semeling Jetty Complex & Merbok River Mangrove Forest Reserve Museum (Jeti Semeling)

Located about 8km from the South and North Sungai Petani  highway exit, Semeling Jetty Complex is where you will find the jetty, the Mangrove Forest...

Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum (Muzium Arkeologi Lembah Bujang)

Trace the roots of Malayan history back beyond the days of British colonization and discover the oldest kingdom in present-day Malaysia, right here in Kedah....

Mount Jerai (Gunung Jerai)

The highest peak in Kedah state is found on Mount Jerai, located in Gurun area. The mountain stands at 1217 meters (3,993 feet) and is...

Syarikat Perniagaan Cheng Kedai Kaca

Custom cut to size glass and mirror shop .

Dusun Durian Sg. Tok Pawang (Eric)

Eric Durian Orchard. over 2000 durian trees with 30 over durian species spanned over 60 acres. Usually once a year season in June. Please contact...