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黄记港式点心 (Restoran SP Huang Ji)

黄记港式点心 (Restoran SP Huang Ji) 位于 双溪大年 Taman Petani Jaya Lorong 6 路口角头间。除了黄记自做的新鲜点心外,还有金龙酒家搬迁过来的几个摊位, 例如: SP 强云吞面,鸡饭,Apong 等都是版主经常光顾的。 这里有室内和室外桌椅。由于点心种类繁多和加上各式各样的摊位,蛮适合·一家大小成员三代一起用餐。 Address: 47, Lorong 6, Taman Petani Jaya,...

新串食代烤串 K.A.O Restaurant – BBQ Skewers Sungai Petani

The 新串食代烤串 K.A.O restaurant specializes in charcoal grilled meats and vegetables BBQ skewers. Most of the skewers are a little spicy. It is located in...

Tsin Dynasty Bar 秦庄, Indoor & Outdoor Bar, Penang

Nice ambience with clever matching lightings coupled with heritage walls together bring a great emotional “feel” for enhancing drinking mood. Tsin Dynasty Bar 秦庄, Indoor...

港式茶餐厅 New Hongkong Style Restaurant in Sungai Petani

A friend of mine from Penang sent me a @PenangHoliaoDotCom fb link on this 港式茶餐厅 new Hongkong Style restaurant in Sungai Petani on Christmas eve....

7 Reasons Local Business Listings are Important to Local Business

A business directory is an online website or printed listing of information which lists businesses within a particular niche such as location, activity or category....

A new for connecting Kedah Businesses and People

Welcome to This site is being face-lifted starting from June 2021. Please revisit this site again soon. Thank you.

2014 Central Kedah Tourism Festival Officiated by Kedah Chief Minister | 吉中旅游节 | 鼓震新文英

2014-11-25 China Press Newspaper on Central Kedah Tourism Festival Official Closing Ceremony Officiated by Chief Minister of Kedah. 2014-11-23 Central Kedah Tourism Festival, organized by...
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