A family trip to Taiping Zoo, Perak

Since Covid 19 started, our family hadn’t got a chance to go anywhere for a holiday. Last mid December 2021, we decided to bring kids on a day road trip to Taiping Zoo as the school is starting soon.

Taiping zoo is a great place for family with kids as we feel more safe in the outdoor. We arrived early around 10.30 am so it was still easy to find parking lot (became crowded at noon).

Upon entering the zoo, there are free tram rides available for touring the zoo for about 15 mins. We got on the tram but soon regretted. The ride was quite fast and sometimes my youngest kid missed to see the animals. The driver was giving a guided tour with explanations but unfortunately the loudspeaker was not functioning well. Towards the end the kids saw the playground. After that, they kept asking to go playground. Thus, I would recommend not to take the ride and instead explore the zoo by yourself first (map leaflet is available) until the kids have seen enough animals then they can get to play before exiting.

Elephants at the Taiping Zoo, Perak

The zoo is well maintained and there are many animals to see here. You can easily spend two hours here. Thanks to the staffs who provided food for kids to feed giraffes. Before exiting, we enjoyed ice cream together at a shaded area.

Kids playing at play ground at Taiping Zoo, Taiping
Kids playing at play ground at Taiping Zoo, Taiping

One suggestion for the Zoo management is to make sure the hand wash detergents are replenished as this is a public visiting place and we shall always sanitize our hands. For the time being, you might want to consider bringing one for yourself just in case.

Vincent Tai
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